Funksculp Junk Sculpture by Freeman Loughridge

Graves Country Gallery
We sell really good folk art of all types, folk art paintings, carvings, face jugs,and
southern roosters. We have antique folk art as well as contemporary folk art.
Lodi Ca.

Marias Garden     
 A botanical haven of unique home and garden decor and services.
Also my exclusive outlet in  Ardmore, Ok.

Thought Full Art   
Surreal, intricate thought provoking black and white
drawings by my friend C.J Bradford.
His work inspired my sculptures "Folk Cloning" and "Global Politics".
His work is thought provoking and is a delight to own.
You see something new each time you look at

Scrapman Metal Sculptures
My friend Graham Jenkinson's site in the U.K.
He intends to weld all the scrap metal in Britan into something useful and fun.

Animal Sculpture by Jonathan Knight.
Jonathan Knight - Animal Sculpture and Figures in bronze
Sculptures and figures in bronze. Equine sculptures of horses and jockeys.
Limited Editions - Numbered Editions - Commissions

Laurie Collins
Metal and wood chaos In Australia

Pennington Creek Hunting Club
For an unforgettable hunting experience in Southern Oklahoma

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