:::: One of the last 1000 Major Jugs By a lifetime Potter/Sculptor ::::
Each major jug numbered,
dated and signed by the artist.


Title: "Perils Of Multi Tasking"

Comment:: This is another in the "Out Of His Mind" series. If your brain is juggling too many things at once this will happen to you. Maybe you'll miss a meeting or forget to pickup a child after soccer practice. Whatever the case, you will end up with egg on your face.

He is hand thrown and sculpted stoneware. The jug was glazed with a high-fire stoneware glaze. I layered three glazes on him and they came out really nice.

This jug came out great. He is entirely handmade. He is made of high-fire stoneware and the glaze is handmade by me . The interior is glazed with a food safe lead free glaze. This is a fully functional stoneware jug.

Size: He stands 18" tall to the top of the middle egg and is 11" wide.

Medium: Stoneware and glazes.

Materials and Process: Hand thrown and sculpted stoneware, and high fire glaze. Refired for luster glazes.

Signed: Yes. Artist signed, numbered and dated with the year produced.

Original: Entirely handmade using no molds. Each jug is an original and comes with a Certificate of originality.



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#57 "Perils Of Multi Tasking"

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