:::: One of the last 1000 Major Jugs By a lifetime Potter/Sculptor ::::
Each major jug numbered, dated and signed by the artist. Collect the whole set. (See" About The Artist " For Details)

Title:Pickin' An' Grinnin' And Grinnin' An' Pickin' "

Comment:: You'll have to figure out which one is "Pickin' An' Grinnin' "and which one is "Grinnin' An' Pickin' ". This pair can gross out just about any guest you have. The little guy on top is not just along for the ride. He is also a stopper . The "Washita River slip and ash glaze came out really nice. It looks like warm molasses and has some small crystals here and there.


Size: They stand about 15" tall, to the top of the piggy-bac demon, and 9 inches wide. He would hold about a gallon. He is made of high-fire stoneware and the glaze is handmade by me and is food safe and lead free

Medium: Stoneware, glaze

Materials and process: Hand thrown and sculpted stoneware, and high fire glaze.

Signed: Yes. Artist signed, numbered and dated with the year produced.

Original: Entirely handmade using no molds.
Each jug is an original.
Comes with a certificate of



# 38 Of The Final 1000