:::: One of the last 1000 Major Jugs By a lifetime Potter/Sculptor ::::
Each major jug numbered, dated and signed by the artist. Collect the whole set. (See" About The Artist " For Details)

Title: " Four Pigs Of The Apocalypse " Swine Flu flew. Global Pandemic

Disclaimer: It is not my intention to make light of what may or may not be a very serious disease. My comentary is aimed at the sensationalized coverage by the TV. news media. For hundreds of years artists and writers have used their art to comment on current events. For example: the childrens nursery rhyme, "Ring Around The Rosy", was about people falling down dead from the black plague.

Comment:: For your consideration. A 2009 Swine Flu commemorative jug. The Four Pigs Of The Apocalypse are breaking out and going viral in all corners of the globe. The jug is emblazoned with the sensational headlines of the day as well as other flu related graffiti.
Pig discrimination has raised it's ugly head so they renamed Swine Flu to H1N1. The Tv. News has a new favorite word...PANDEMIC. We have learned that The W.H.O is not an old rock band but is The World Health Organization. News anchors seem almost gleeful while reporting the latest flu headlines.
"Global Pandemic." "Mexico Shuts Down." "Egypt To Slaughter All Swine."
"New Cases Everywhere." "W.H.O Declares An Epidemic." On and on it goes. If the flu is as bad as the news coverage
we are in trouble.

Size: about 12" tall and 12" wide. It would hold about a gallon. It is made of high-fire stoneware and the glaze is handmade by me and is food safe and lead free

Medium: Stoneware, glaze

Materials and process: Hand thrown and sculpted stoneware, and high fire glaze.

Signed: Yes. Artist signed, numbered and dated with the year produced.

Original: Entirely handmade using no molds.
Each jug is an original.
Comes with a certificate of



# 34 Of The Final 1000