:::: One of the last 1000 Major Jugs By a lifetime Potter/Sculptor ::::

Title:" Steampunk Funk Space Junk"

I never heard the word "Steampunk" until recently.
Briefly Steampunk is defined as: a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power, Design wise it is the amalgamation between Gothic style and Neo-Victorian fancies: a combination of black and gold, glitter and grime.. Taking something modern and designing it as if it were from the steam era. (Think movies such as" 20000 Leagues Under The Sea" or Tim Burton movies or Tv series like "The Wild Wild West"). My wife and I have always liked such stuff but didn't know that made us "Steampunks". I thought I was too old to be a punk but I guess not. Well, I did have a mohawk hair cut for about 30 minutes when I was 12.

This jug was inspired by Buck Rogers. He was all hand-thrown and sculpted. Then he was glazed with a metallic, grungy ,bronze/black lava glazeand high-fired. Then he was refired twice with metallic lusters to accentuate the old space robot look. The inside is glazed with a lead-free, food safe glaze. This plumbers nightmare looks like a fugitive from someones basement. Beneath his his rusty old exterior beats the heart of a young "Space Cadet". He's ready for action. He has a guage face for his eye and another above his handle so he can keep track of his steam presure. He is the first in a series of "Steampunk" robot jugs I have in the works check back for more. I spent the last 7 years doing junk sculpture so this guy is kind of a natural extension of that process except he is made of clay pieces instead of metal.

Size:He stands 14" tall to the tops of his steam guage and is 10"wide. It is made of high-fire stoneware and the glaze is handmade by me and is food safe and lead free

Medium: Stoneware

Materials and process: Hand thrown and sculpted stoneware, and high fire glaze. Refired for luster glazes.

Signed: Yes. Artist signed, numbered and dated with the year produced.

Original: Entirely handmade using no molds.
Each jug is an original.
Comes with a certificate of

#21 Of The Final 1000