:::: One of the last 1000 Major Jugs By a lifetime Potter/Sculptor ::::
Each piece numbered, dated and signed by the artist. Collect the whole set. (see" About The Artist " For Details)

Title:"Who Let The Hogs Out ! " oink...oink.oink...oink.oink !!!

Comment: : I thought the January OTC challenge theme was "Who Let The Hogs Out". It was "Who Let The Dogs Out !" Ahh old age, Where dyslexia meets dimentia head on.

He's "BUSTIN LOOSE" both in front and in back.The pigs mouth goes all the way through to the inside of the jug so he wouldn't be considered functional. That is, unless you don't mind your Hog Jug barfing all your fine liquor all over your shoes. Go Ahead, PIG OUT!!

Size:BIG JUG 12" tall 13" wide.

Medium: Stoneware, glazed in my "Ol' Yeller" wood ash and local clay glaze.

Materials and process: Hand thrown and sculpted stoneware,

Signed: Yes. Artist signed, numbered and dated with the year produced.

Original: Entirely handmade using no molds.
Each jug is an original.
Comes with a certificate of






Recently someone asked, "Have you been a potter all your life?"
I jokingly replied, " Not yet ! ". But it started me thinking about my 43 years as an artist.
In that time I have made more than 100,000 clay pots and sculptures and another 300 or so steel sculptures. I've sold my wares in Art Festivals, Galleries, Fairs and other venues coast to coast. I have my pieces in at least 30 foreign countries that I am aware of.
My wife asked if I thought I could make 1000 more jugs. I don't know if I'm up to it but it sounded like a challenge to me. I've decided to give it a try. I'll document my progress by numbering each piece from now on, beginning with number "1 of the last 1000 major jugs", and offer them here on Ebay. Maybe I'll make it to 1000. Maybe I won't but it's your opportunity to participate in the experiment and maybe own a bit of pottery history. Each piece is an original, handmade work of art signed, dated and numbered.
Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What if I make more than 1000 ? Unlikely, but we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. I'd have to make 150 jugs a year for the next 7 years, Frankly, I don't want to work that hard.

Numbers 2 through 10 will be offered in 2010.
Only major one-of-a-kind jugs will be numbered in the 1000.





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I ship via USPS to the USA only
I take great care in the packaging & shipment of my works. All works shipped are fully insured. I use clean recycled boxes when possible to keep shipping charges down.

I hate being overcharged for shipping so I don't do it. Shipping has gotten ridiculously expensive and I don't make any profit on it. In fact, I usually lose money on it. If I overcharge you I either upgrade your order to Priority of rerfund the difference.


#11 Of The Final 1000
This should be worth a lot more when I'm gone.
"Just between you and me, I'm not feeling
too good right now"